Biblical and other related texts – Raamatullisia ja muita aiheeseen liittyviä tekstejä

Cover art made by me

About Me

 am self learned and studied researcher from Finland (land of the end 😀 ) and I am interested in Torah, Tanakh, Rabbinic literature, prayer cultures and Judaism over all.

I do manly research Torah based, but additional Ketuvim and Nevim are also in my interest sections. Mishnah and Gemara of Talmud Yerushalmi, interlinear translation and commentary in alternative way. main goal is to do first Talmud translation in Finnish. 

My other goal is to make Translation of Torah whit commentary, word references and parallel places in Nevim and Ketuvim.

I do also some additional studies from all other Midrash literature that there is some interesting that I


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